Spare parts department

SCOMO is the exclusive supplier of DOOSAN MACHINE TOOLS spares for the WEST of France.  

With our “buffer” stock and catalogue of parts, we offer a full selection of:

  • spare parts for the brands we represent, but all other brands too.
  • parts for conventional machines such as HURON, CAZENEUVE and others.

DOOSAN MACHINE TOOLS parts which we hold in stock can be shipped within 24 hours.
In addition to its own physical stock, SCOMO has direct access to the DOOSAN MACHINE TOOLS stock held by the manufacturer in Europe and around the world.

Our department is open 8am-12.30pm and 1.30-6pm Monday-Thursday (Friday to 6pm)

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Pauline FERRAND, fonction Approvisionneuse pièces détachées Spare parts 

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