SCOMO’s offer includes a transport service, covering hoisting and installation in the factory of equipment weighing up to 20 tonnes.
For this service, we have carefully chosen high-quality equipment and two handlers, both of whom hold a heavy goods vehicle licence and are approved to use all types of hoisting equipment within our company and on external sites too.

  • 25 T crane lorry (purchased in 2000 and overhauled in 2007)
  • Three 2.5 T and 3.0 T forklift trucks, one 16 T forklift truck and three 6.3 T bridge cranes;
  • Two 12.5 T bridge cranes


This means that our clients have the benefit of dealing with one contact person right through from the purchase of the equipment to its installation, but also dealing with experts in handling and hoisting who know all the safety and technical requirements involved with machine tools.

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